The batch approach to manufacturing has brought real business benefits to our clients. ACS has delivered several batch control systems in the Food and Beverage and Chemical industries.

ACS has a long history of batch processing applications experience for single, multi-product and multi-stream process ingredients management. We have designed and installed several fully S88.01 compliant batch control systems for cGMP regulated Pharmaceutical and Food quality intermediate process manufacturing plants using PLC/SCADA/HMI based applications, including full electronic recipe, reporting and management systems.

The S88 standard enables clear and concise transfer of information between different disciplines, specifically the Process Engineer and the Automation Engineer. The standard breaks down ‘process areas’ into ‘process cells’, ‘process units’, ‘equipment modules’ and finally ‘phases’. Using these smaller ‘blocks’ the URS(User Requirement Specification), FDS (Functional Design Specification) and ultimately the final control software, are constructed in a logical ‘easy to follow’ way.

The implementation of ISA S88.01 batch control has been proven to increase productivity and throughput on plant, whilst also improving product consistency and manufacturing cycle times.

ACS can advise on the best implementation of a batch control system to ensure that our clients receive the maximum return on their production assets.