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The principle objective of ACS Ltd has always been to become the vendor of choice for our clients. We wish to be the most valued supplier of control and information solutions.

From the beginning, ACS has focused on our client’s success being the most important measure of our own. Whilst other organisations rely on aggressive sales departments, ACS concentrates entirely on providing a level of service and expertise that leads to long standing relationships with our clients.

Our success to date has largely been due to our ability to retain clients and win repeat business, while at the same time establishing a first-class reputation that has allowed us to enter different markets and attract new clients.

Our vision of systems integration is that of working with our clients as a collaborating partner to deliver cost effective and productive results. These results are measured by our client’s improved productivity, efficiency and the return on their investment.

Since the company’s formation ACS have never to date lost a client. This, we feel, is a measure of the competence we demonstrate, the performance we deliver, and the trust we have earned.

To put things simply, the vision of the company is to continue to provide a first class, client orientated service whilst continuing to move into new markets with the same quality led approach. In short if a process can be automated, ACS can provide the solution.