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Building on our expertise of automation solutions, ACS is able to offer a wide range of information solutions across the manufacturing industries.

The ability of ACS to understand the real process issues at a plant floor level gives us a considerable advantage when implementing information solutions using a range of technological tools to bridge the gap between real time manufacturing data and important management information.

The correct management information provides not only the knowledge of the manufacturing process, but also the trends in operation and faults to allow a systems deficiencies to be recognised and eliminated, ensuring the maximum return on plant investment.

As an independent company, we are able to offer information solutions from all of the leading vendors, individually tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients. In addition we can offer a range of bespoke solutions, carefully engineered to the highest standard.

With our extensive experience of plant automation we can offer open vendor support and connectivity to any new or legacy system; from control devices to ERP with seamless, bi-directional integration.

As a leading systems integrator for automation systems we can offer a complete solution in the area of Microsoft .Net Enterprise solutions.

ACS are able to offer a unique package to our customers in the delivery of information solutions ranging from low-level automation systems to the business information level.

Over the years we have created a wide range of applications that embrace a range of development technologies such as .NET (ASP.NET, VB.NET), VB, C, Forth and many more.

Implementing these technologies, we have produced several applications, ranging from simple OPC data loggers and emulation tools, to full MIS data capture and reporting solutions.

Products utilised have included:

  • SQL Server
  • Microsoft VB.Net
  • Microsoft Windows Server
  • InSql and RSSQL, Data Collection Tools
  • Crystal Reports
  • Active Factory
  • RSBizWare

ACS has significant experience in the field of data capture and manipulation and can utilise the latest software to monitor and capture your processes information.

We are experienced users of industry leading applications such as Rockwell Automation’s RSSQL and Wonderware’s INSQL; which are versatile packages capable of simple database logging to complex process architectures, bi-directionally providing data between the business software and the plant floor.
We also create our own unique data logging applications that can be customised to the end users requirements. These typically capture data via DDE or OPC into SQL-Server or Microsoft Access databases.

ACS specialises in developing automation solutions where data analysis and database design are critical.

We have experience of a wide variety of industry standard databases including MS SQL Server 6.5 through to 2016, Oracle and Access. We can also support and upgrade many other types of database system including Paradox and Dbase etc.

All software and database designs are written to well documented standards and practices making for ease of development, maintenance and support. We produce Windows compliant database systems with a well designed architecture which is clear and easily expandable.

ACS reporting solutions ensure that the right information is delivered to the right people at the right time.

When an application is developed, whether it is an MIS or MES system or some other data capture tool they tend to produce a vast quantity of data.

Looking at this data can be time consuming and often ends with a large volume of data, therefore creating accurate and focused reports to present the relevant information is critical.

ACS can produce reports that reduce the mountain of data down to specific critical data that can be used or analysed effectively. We can provide consultancy and advice services which outline the requirements for the business data and produce unique reports specifically to address those needs.

Additionally if required, with our expertise in producing custom applications, these reports can be encompassed into an application or web site to fully utilise the reports and provide a simple yet effective interface to the data.

Having the right information helps our clients to analyse the details behind the performance of their production assets, focusing plant efficiency improvement efforts, and thus enabling maximum output and efficiency.