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ACS are recognised as one of the leading Malting control experts in the UK.

Following on from our expertise in the Brewing & Distilling sector, our knowledge of control and automation in the Maltings industry is unrivalled in the UK .
We have been working extensively in this sector since the company’s formation, having partnered with a number of leading suppliers of maltings machinery both in the UK and overseas.

We have been responsible for upgrades to outdated old plant such as Saladin boxes, Steep farms, Germinating Vessels and Kilns, and have also automated entire plants from Barley Intake through to Storage Silos.

The slow 24/7 process of turning Barley into Malt often presents unique challenges when automating plant, with particular attention paid to shutdowns and project implementation times.
Our knowledge and experience of the Malting process makes ACS well placed to advise our clients on the best integration and implementation routes available to meet their requirements.