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ACS Engineers have been developing PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) based control systems since the 1980’s across a wide range of different hardware

We have considerable experience of PLC’s across many industrial environments. Our process control engineers have experience with all the major PLC vendors and we are recognised as certified developers with a number of leading PLC manufacturers across the world.

Our applications range from high speed packing and wrapping applications to wide area data monitoring and acquisition, from continuous real time process to validated S88 compliant batch installations.

We have developed libraries and modules of code for standard devices and processes that along with our modern in-house development techniques, allow for the production of accurate code very efficiently, reducing the overall cost of a project.

New code produced is always in a structured and organised format that includes comprehensive in-code annotation and has an intrinsic link to our development specifications to allow for easy trouble-shooting monitoring and modification.

Modern manufacturing facilities invariably comprise several PLC controllers, typically linked by an intelligent network. As a result ACS have become accustomed and experienced in the interrogation and modification of third party code, in some cases many years old with no supporting documentation.

ACS have provided several clients with detailed PLC Programming standards for all their suppliers to adhere to.