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Each and every system supplied by ACS Ltd undergoes a rigorous and documented test procedure using sophisticated I/O simulation software.

Regardless of the size and cost of any ACS system supplied, it will undergo an intensive testing procedure designed and developed over the years for maximum effectiveness.

Using the industry standard SST PICS Pro I/O emulation software, all systems are tested for and validated for functionality, operator interface, fault reaction and data logging. An extensive library of standard plant devices has been developed allowing for complex process automation modelling if required.

This methodology effectively allows our clients to view their system in operation, to see how it will work when it is actually installed on site. The system’s response and reaction to fault conditions can be observed along with the logged data and reports that are produced during the process.

Alongside the software testing, all control panels are subject to stringent point to point checks before being power tested with all PLC hardware in situ.

All testing is logged into a comprehensive record that allows our client to see exactly what was tested and by whom, allowing full traceability.

The quality and integrity of all ACS systems is fully proven prior to installation.